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"The first orgasm of the morning..."


Someone here has tickets to see the Dresden Dolls in tempe on May 23rd at the Marquee....

Okay it's me.

"It's mime time..."

Skin of rough callousness
Her lips unparted to mine.
We dance unmoving of the night,
The perfect woman frozen tight.

I bring her flowers and candy
Dropped to her feet where she lay.
They rot night by night, day by day,
Sacrifice to my porcelain Goddess.

She's not without refinement,
Her nose permanently to the air.
Such a display of womanhood
How could any others compare?

My fingers run along her body
Each curve unfaded by time.
I'd make love to her nightly
if not for her cold, solid, morality.

I love my frozen queen
dancing by the moonlight alone.
She dances for me inside my mind,
and tells me "I love you" in my heart.

So dance your dances of nightly sin
and scoff at my beautiful obsession.
Her voice is all I need, all I want,
her silence the perfect voice.

FIVE chambers. Evolution or just an odd mutation? Genetic Redundancy for a world with growing heart problems? Carl Sagan starts to sound a little more awesome...

"And party every night..."

Hey, I'm going to be up in Flagstaff next weekend if anyone wants to get together that friday night. Just sayin.

"I wanna rock...ROCK..."


So they're starting to admit it. Nothing about the Great Wave yet that's supposed to hit the west coast, but I'd wager the big quakes will have a bit of a domino effect with that OR a seperation of california. And again...FEMA will fail...

"It was always you..."

When I told you I loved you I didn't lie. When we heard that song and we cried together, driving fifty-five miles per hour down the busy phoenix interstate, holding each other, I didn't lie. It was always you. When I thought I hated you and I couldn't take your bullshit anymore, that little spark in me screamed at the top of it's lungs, breaking through all the pain. And it was always you. When we huddled together under the covers during lunch time, our warmth lulling each other to sleep. I was always you. Promises and lies and love and hate and fists and sweat and moans of passion. It was always you. It was always about you. And one day I refused to let you go when you fought me, screaming about being happy but still wanting to be with me. Put myself between you and him and for a time it was good. But the sour taste of lies made me feel sick, and my love for you was strong enough to merely be content in seeing you happy. It was always you. I did not find another but was found and talked and wept cured myself on their shoulder, and in turn found something new. But it was always about you. We couldn't be intimate together and your hate flowed through into me. I didn't fight you. I knew it would hurt you but it was the lesser of what could have been a greater lie. I did not cheat, I did not decieve, I did not hide. It was always about you. And now you hate where once you loved and nightmares wire wings wrap at your body. My love has never gone away, and none will ever take it from me.

It was always you.

"Let me get this straight again..."

So...I was sick this weekend. Really bad Tonsilitis. But that's not the worst part. My eyes were blood shot and had morning crusties. Everyone's like "Hey you have pink eye" and I say "No way jose." Sunday rolls around and I'm supposed to go to a wedding BUT my eyes are especially crusty and especially red. I tell them I'm not going to make it and get my brothers pink eye drops. I only do one dose on sunday. Today my eyes are semi-back to normal. I missed a wedding and I don't even think I had pink eye. Fucking lame.

Oh well.

"Happy birthday OH GO FUCK YOURSELF..."

All the birthday's this month really remind me that nobody ever celebrates mine. Okay, last year work didn't do shit for me like they do for everyone (I.E. buy cake, sing cheesy song, go back to work), but that's fine. I did go up to Tempe avec Joey and get my second eyebrow piercing which ironically fell out last night in my sleep. But the drive up to Tempe was meh for a birthday. I wanted simple and got nearly frustrating. But I came out on top of that one optimistic.

THis year though...oh HO HO motherfuckers...this year shall be memorable. I know I'm planning early but my birthday is in October and I don't give a damn. I'mma save me some PTO, get up to 40+ hours of it, cash out down to 40 hours exactly, then I'm taking the week off to drive...somewhere. Give me suggestions. I wants to go somewhere I haven't been but will enjoy. I've been all up in California's grill the past five years so I think it's time for a change. Give me some suggestions. OH!! I could go to Canada. Rochester, New York mebbe. Boston? Hmm...I'd go to Chicago if not for it's now tainted name. Kinda want to go to Washington (he's coming, he's coming, he's coming...) to see monuments as well.

May travel to see whatever band is in an american tour at that time. Tool perhaps, Tegan and Sara, I don't know. Want to save it for the Dresden Dolls personally.

But yeah, make my birthday not suck. Either I go, or I stay in state and just save my PTO for Kon and proceed to use the PTO for booze.